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First Aid for Nannies/ Caretakers

First Aid for Nannies/ Caretakers

As an education centre, we often face nannies and caretakers with minimal first aid skills and misconceptions of traditional methods that medical science does not approve of. To top it up, the most concerning subject troubling a parent’s heart is when they leave their children at home with nannies/caretakers while they are out to work. For that, we provide assurance to parents by conducting a six (6) hours intensive workshop of First Aid basic knowledge and more hands on practical to nannies/caretakers so that they can be better prepared when situation arises.

As always, we strongly encourage parents and nannies/caretakers to attend the workshops separately so that necessary questions can be raised without hesitations in a peer-to-peer learning environment. By doing so, both parties will eventually have a clearer understanding on their individual roles to what they can do to create a safer environment for everyone.

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