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Corporate First Aid

First Aid is a versatile skill and knowledge one should learn to stand and gain. Our range of first aid services extends beyond parents and nannies. The experienced, international first aid instructor is able to guide you the right steps, right decisions and preferred choices to make for any situation that arises.

Below here is a list of customised non-accredited corporate workshops that may suit your needs.

  • Corporate First Aid
  • Swimming Pool/ Sea First Aid
  • Factory First Aid
  • Playground First Aid
  • Disaster first aid
  • High Elements First Aid
Business Groups Hours Prices
Group of 6 3 Please Contact TBB For Prices
Group of 10 3
Group of 20 3

Standard 3 hours per workshop but hours can be extended upon request and profile of workshop.

Should you require us to conduct any customised first aid workshops or accreditation corporate programs, please feel free to contact Benjamin at [email protected]

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