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Postnatal Breathing With Baby Massage

Postnatal Breathing With Baby Massage
Postnatal breathing is all about closing the body after birth. Your body, your mindset, your whole life has changed! Your days and nights are different, and your family is looking for a new balance. This can be a beautiful and sometimes difficult to experience. Postnatal breathing is a welcome practice to readjust and take time out for yourself.

Postnatal breathing helps your body to recover and become strong again and it offers a unique moment of rest in the busy weeks after birth. The exercises are aimed at strengthening the pelvic floor, the lower back, the abdominal muscles, the breasts and legs; And relaxing muscle areas around shoulders and neck. Through breathing exercises, you focus your attention back to yourself so that you can feel and experience who you are in your new role as a mother.

The combination of postnatal breathing with baby massage opens a new perspective on togetherness with your baby. Even when you feel tired after a sleepless night, you learn tools to renew your energy and cope with motherhood.

Babies love massage! Their senses get activated, they relax, feel secure and sleep better. The massage also stimulates the intestines, which reduces colic. Massaging your baby is a really nice experience for yourself too as you touch your child in a different way other than feeding, giving a bath or holding them.

Meeting other moms with babies in Bangkok is another whole new experience and can offer great support.

The class lasts 1.5 hour. First, we massage the baby with oil and once baby is relaxed or asleep, we do postnatal breathing. You can feed baby whenever needed. We provide the oil and the towel.

Which clothes? Light easy clothing, pants/shorts and a T-shirt for you. Baby is naked with a nappy under the buttocks.

When to start?
6 weeks after vaginal birth or 8 to 10 weeks after a caesarean birth, and after clearance of your doctor. The instructor will adjust the exercises according to your type of labors you underwent.

How long to see benefits?
Instant relaxation for you and your baby, increased strength and flexibility.

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