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Belly Dance

Prenatal and Postnatal Belly Dance

Belly dance may sound tedious, muscle wrecking and possibly harmful to your baby during your prenatal stage. It is actually the exact opposite. Belly dance is a slow growing yet popular activity that mothers have been looking forward for when it comes to strengthening the pelvis for both prenatal and postnatal pregnancies.

Here at the best beginning, we have an instructor that not only has a strong reputation of dance choreography for popular tv stars & models, she also specialises in belly dancing for both prenatal and postnatal mothers.

Here are a couple of benefits you definitely want to know about for shaking that hips.

Strengthening Your Pelvis and Promotes Blood Circulation

As mentioned briefly earlier on, the pelvis floor consists a network of muscles, ligaments and connective tissues that involuntarily supports your vagina, bladder, uterus and GI tract. The key to assuring a lesser labor pain lies mainly on the strength of the pelvis. Belly dancing strengthens you by making you move muscles (some of which you might rarely use) around your hips, lower back, core and arms. With that said, it is also a known fact that if you are working out your muscles, there will be an increase blood circulation to the region of exercised area. The dance moves will get your heart pumping, encouraging blood to circulate around the body and to the baby at your prenatal stage. Increased blood circulation is a great way to nourish you and your baby as blood contains nutrients and helps removes waste from you and your baby’s body.

Belly dancing also helps reduce fluid retention and swelling for both prenatal and postnatal (Makes you stay in the shape… Why Not???

Helps With Lower Back Pain, Builds Core and (Shhhhh) Burns Calories

Belly dance helps strengthening your core and back. If you think belly dance is like our old folks doing the “Chilly Cha Cha” line dancing, you wrong lady. The new age music for belly dance rhythm ranges from slow to fast, emphasising that hips movements, the hip-merry-go-rounds will definitely activate, stretch and strengthen those muscle groups. Our common goal is to alleviate the common lower back pain with proper training and exercise techniques, but if there are movements that do more harm than good, there are always alternate movements you can dance towards to.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot. Your calories will be under attack during the exercise. I heard approximately 300 calories will be burned per session.

Ice Cream…

So yes, apart from building and maintaining a good posture that prevents stress on your back and keeps your body fit, it is also a wonderful place that supports and guides women towards self loving and body self acceptance. The class groups normally ranges women with life experiences, with at least one woman who has had a child. You can always bounce ideas off her and ask her questions about pregnancy and beyond.

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