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Active Birth Class

Active Birth Class

The Best Beginning are pleased to offer an additional class which complements our existing prenatal yoga and standard prenatal courses.

Women seeking a natural child birth experience are invited to attend, with their birth partner, to gain a greater understanding of the physiology of birth and explore how, through preparing the body and baby for the birth process, women can feel more confident and relaxed during labour. The class is a one off session lasting two hours. Women can attend at any time during their pregnancy but the beginning of the third trimester is most appropriate.

Research shows that proper positioning in labour and birth can reduce pain, analgesia used and perinea trauma whilst enabling more effective uterine contractions. Effective breathing techniques have several benefits; ensuring maximum oxygen flow to baby and also to the muscles working hard in the women’s body. In addition, controlled breathing helps to keep the body calm, relaxed and focussed.

The session begins by looking at ways women can prepare themselves and their baby for labour during pregnancy. Specifically looking at the positioning of baby, the importance of relaxation and the role of hormones, how to prepare the pelvis and perineum.

Following on to look at labour, with particular emphasis on breathing techniques and positions which can be used as labour progresses from early labour through first and second stage.

Breathing and positioning are most effective when learnt and practiced before labour begins and couples are encouraged to follow up the course by practising the relaxation techniques, breathing and positioning at home.

Finally the session looks at ways to keep your labour active in alternative circumstances ie. Induction situations, thus enabling couples to continue making informed choices as their labour progresses.

Active birth isn’t a new concept or an exact science it is a proactive preparation which enables women to feel confident in their body’s natural ability to birth a baby. It provides a couple with a tool box of skills to be drawn on during labour.

The class is run by a physiotherapist and a midwife and a booklet with all the necessary information is included.


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