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Baby Massage Course

Baby Massage Course

Baby Massage is a wonderful way for you and your partner to express your love, to give gently nurturing and to bond with your baby with your hands. You might find it relaxing for yourself as well.

Our instructor, Makhasiri Budlerd aka Marchie, was trained under the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). Her style of lesson conduction comprises the positive effects of Indian and Swedish massages, as well as principle from Yoga and reflexology, into a simple and respectful routine. In the long run, we want to educate the practice of massaging babies, as it has always been part of the ancient tradition that passed down for generations to generations.

Why infant massage for you and your baby?

  • Bonding – Promotes the parent/child bond, secure attachments and strong, healthy relationships to last a lifetime.
  • Relief – Soothes gastrointestinal pain/discomfort, colic, restless and sleepless days and nights. Promotes regular sleep/wake cycles.
  • Sociability – Decreasing stress and anxiety in social and public situations.
  • Growth & Development – Studies report that regular massage stimulates early and healthy growth stages & brain development.
  • Reduces stress – Promotes the release of anti-stress hormones that are beneficial for both parent and baby.
  • Circulation & Healing – Increasing the flow and efficiency of the body systems stimulating support of the body’s own natural resources.
  • Communication – Learn your infant’s non-verbal language. Communicate your love through nurturing and compassionate touch.

Parents, nannies or any caregiver are more than welcome to come with the baby.

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