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Baby Massage Class

Baby Massage Class

At The Best Beginning, massage services are tailored especially for babies from 1 to 12 months old. Classes are facilitated by a fully qualified and experienced infant massage instructor. The duration of the class is one hour, and one bottle of natural oil is included. Parents, nannies or any caregiver is more than welcome to come with the baby.

Why infant massage for you and your baby?

  • Bonding – Promotes the parent/child bond, secure attachments and strong, healthy relationships to last a lifetime.
  • Relief – Soothes gastrointestinal pain/discomfort, colic, restless and sleepless days and nights. Promotes regular sleep/wake cycles.
  • Sociability – Decreasing stress and anxiety in social and public situations.
  • Growth & Development – Studies report that regular massage stimulates early and healthy growth stages & brain development.
  • Reduces stress – Promotes the release of anti-stress hormones that are beneficial for both parent and baby.
  • Circulation & Healing – Increasing the flow and efficiency of the body systems stimulating support of the body’s own natural resources.
  • Communication – Learn your infant’s non-verbal language. Communicate your love through nurturing and compassionate touch.
  • Classes are limited to 10 mothers and babies. Complimentary massage oil and handouts will be given to all in attendance.

At The Best Beginning, we offer also massage classes for dads and babies. Fathers have found that getting involved right from the start helps empower them as a parent. By participating in these massage classes, fathers learn their baby’s non verbal cues and become an expert on their own child.

“In the process of giving the massage, fathers get to know their children in an extraordinary way. They connect with a deep part of themselves – their nurturing side. When their fathers give extra attention the children have more confidence and exhibit more creativity. Men and manhood are changing. Let us continue to get fathers more seriously involved in child rearing. Infant massage is a golden opportunity to assist in this transformation. The world is a better place every time an infant is massaged, and men need to be part of this.” – Tom Daly, Psychologist

Baby Massage Class for everyone on Tuesday and Thursday from 3 to 4pm | Access our calendar






Please be noted that the schedule may be subject to change, please contact us beforehand to confirm the schedule

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