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Baby Sensory

Baby Sensory

A lot of learning can occur while babies are doing what they do best: playing and exploring.
Consider the following benefits of Sensory Play for babies:

· Cognitive development
· Social skills
· Sense of self
· Physical skills
· Emotional development
· Communication skills

Some people, when they think about sensory play, immediately pictures of sand and water tables come to their minds, but it is not all about touch: it’s also about the other senses.
At The Best Beginning, we prepare sensory activities for pre-walker to enjoy the sensory activities in all senses.
You can come with your baby to Baby Sensory Class every Tuesday, Thursday and first Sunday of the month from 1 to 2 pm.
Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy playing and learning with your little one.
Baby Sensory Class is limited for 7 babies, so don’t forget to book your place in advance.

PRE-WALKER Class  –  Every other Tuesday from 11am – noon
                        Every Tuesday from 2-3 pm
                    Every Friday from 2-3 pm
WALKER Class  –  Every Wednesday from 3-4 pm
                               Every Thursday from 1-2 pm
                                         Every other Sunday from 11-12 pm
                          Every Sunday from 3-4 pm 

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