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New Mother’s Get Together

New Mother’s Get Together

In addition to being a wonderful time, being a new mother can be a frightening experience, especially if Thailand is your home away from home. The Best Beginning offers the New Mother’s Get Together workshops for new mothers with babies from about two weeks to four months of age. New Mother’s Get Together provides new mothers with a venue to meet other mothers in the same situation as them. The New Mother’s Get Together workshop is facilitated by different professionals (staff or guest) every week.
Every Monday relevant topics are covered, however, this is tailored to meet the specific needs of the group.

If we have a pediatrician as speaker

Topics to cover:
– Immunizations and Milestones
– Major illnesses to be aware about for a child in Bangkok (and how to avoid them or deal with them)
– Sleep, sleeping patterns
– SIDS and recommendations
– Colic and reflux
– Socialization of the child even at young age

If we have a physiotherapist as speaker

Topics to cover:
– Anatomic modifications of the mother’s body after birth
– Ways and time to recover
– Pelvic floor exercises
– Back to exercising
– Suggestions on postpartum yoga and pilates.

If we have a nutritionist as speaker

Topics to cover:
– Nutrition recommendations for a new mother
– Some ideas of recipes
– Healthy eating
– Lactose intolerance

If we have a women’s coach as speaker

Topics to cover:
– The NEW YOU as a mom – Tools for a balanced life
– Why it’s important to focus on balance
– Reflecting on how balanced your life is now
– Toolkit for creating a balanced life
– Baby blues
– Rest
– Socialization

Finger food and drinks are included during the session. And if you come to 2 or more workshops, we also give you a free booklet,


*Please book in advance*

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