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Childbirth Preparation

Childbirth Preparation

In the next few months, you are about to go through the most important and wonderful experience of your life – childbirth. If this is your first child, you may feel like you are venturing into the unknown, with a combination of fear and excitement when you think about the “big day”. You want to feel great about the experience. Along with a suitable diet and exercise, properly preparing for childbirth is one of the most important things you can do.

The Best Beginning offers a wide range of classes and services to help you prepare for the big day. Many parents take their prenatal classes with us and also use our postnatal services which helps maintain continuity of care through their prenatal and postnatal period.

Prenatal Childbirth Preparation classes at The Best Beginning will give you the information you need to feel comfortable and confident in your birth process. Our Prenatal Childbirth classes will help you to make informed choices about the kind of birth experience you want and our classes help give you the confidence and unbiased knowledge to ask questions of your doctor.

Our class size is limited to ensure an intimate, cozy and relaxing atmosphere which helps focus your mind on the upcoming birth of your child and on your new baby. Also important, you will meet other mothers and fathers to be who are due to deliver at the same time, and create a social network of friends who are about to embark in the same experience as you. These friends can help to provide the support systems for you, especially if Thailand is your “home away from home”.

The Best Beginning runs two Prenatal Childbirth Preparation Classes per month on either Monday evenings or Saturday afternoon. We recommend that you plan to complete your program approximately a month before your expected due date. Because this is a five week class, you should begin it at approximately 30 weeks into your pregnancy. Classes fill quickly so be sure to book early.

Two booklets with all the information you need to be ready for this new and amazing adventure, are included.

Class One: What is Labour?

To include:

  • An understanding of labour
  • How I will know I am in labour
  • When to go to hospital
  • What to expect when I go to hospital
  • Birth plans
Class Two: The Miracle of Birth

To include:

  • Making labour easier
  • Coping strategies with or without pain relief including position and breathing
  • The Role of my partner
  • The actual birth with video
Class Three: Variations on the Normal

To include:

  • Emergency birth
  • Caesarean birth (video)
  • Inductions, Episiotomy, Forceps / Vacuum Extractions
    What are they? Why are they necessary? How are the done?
  • How you may feel after the birth
Class Four: Breastfeeding

Feel confident in feeding you baby

  • How does it work
  • The first few days, what to expect
  • How to breastfeed – position latching
  • How to know my baby is getting enough?
  • Common problems how to deal with them
  • Expressing and storage of breast milk
Class Five: Care of the Newborn Baby
  • Normal newborn baby and its behaviour
  • Care of the newborn baby – bathing, nappy changing etc.
  • Bottle feeding

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